The towing power of a truck is determined by its horsepower and torque

The towing power of a truck is determined by its horsepower and torque. Trucks with higher horsepower and torque can tow heavier vehicles than smaller vehicles. Generally, larger trucks have better durability. Smaller trucks will damage smaller vehicles and are not strong enough to carry heavy loads. Therefore, heavy-duty trucks are used for the largest jobs and towing needs.

Light-duty towing

Light-duty towing is a subset of towing services, and typically deals with recovering vehicles after accidents and abandoned vehicle removal. Light-duty tow trucks are smaller and more maneuverable than heavy-duty tow trucks, so they’re ideal for small city streets and tight spaces. In addition, light-duty tow trucks are much less expensive than heavy-duty tow trucks, which can be up to 10 times as large.

Light-duty tow trucks can handle lighter loads than medium-duty tow trucks. These vehicles are commonly equipped with landolls and boom lifts. They can also be fitted with low-profile trailer options. For heavy-duty towing, a semi-truck or tractor-trailer is required.

Flatbed towing

Flatbed tow trucks are made of steel or aluminum and are designed to carry different types of vehicles and equipment. They are made with hollow areas that can be filled with ratchets and chains to secure the vehicles or equipment. The flatbed is perfect for transporting expensive vehicles, such as trucks. Besides the benefits of flatbed towing, a flatbed is also very quick. You don’t need to remove the driveshaft to move the vehicle to the flatbed, which can reduce the hassle of the process.

The use of flatbed tow trucks is essential for hauling large vehicles. Conventional towing methods are not enough to lift these vehicles to a repair shop. Therefore, you need a professional flatbed towing company to move these vehicles. Flatbed tow trucks are equipped with heavy duty towing powerful engines and large frames that allow them to haul a wide variety of heavy vehicles.

Recovery services

When you have a vehicle that is overloaded or in need of recovery, it’s important to call a professional towing service. Heavy duty towing requires special equipment to move larger vehicles back onto the road. For instance, a semi-truck weighs about three times as much as a small car. This type of vehicle requires specially trained tow trucks and specialized expertise.

In addition to heavy duty towing, roadside services are a great choice for recovery services. They come equipped with equipment such as a flatbed and a tow truck that can move your vehicle.


Heavy duty towing service companies offer a variety of services. Some provide standard auto removal while others specialize in towing large vehicles. Some have trucks designated as green, blue, or black. While these are convenient to have, they can also be costly. To determine the exact cost, it’s important to know what services the company offers and how many vehicles they can tow.

Heavy-duty towing equipment includes tow trucks, boom trucks, and trailers. These can be used for out-of-town deliveries, construction sites, and landscaping projects. They can also haul heavy items such as dumpsters or garbage.

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