Positive Psychology Certification Online

positive psychology certification online

There are many benefits to pursuing positive psychology certification online. It’s a great way to learn about this fascinating subject in a convenient manner. You can choose from many accredited institutions, such as the University of Pennsylvania, Coursera, and the Wholebeing Institute. This article will discuss how to find the right positive psychology program for you. In addition, these courses allow you to learn from your own pace. However, you should note that completing the course will take about four months. It’s important to keep in mind that courses offered on these websites are completely online and allow you to schedule your own time.


Whether you want to start a new career in the field of psychology or are already an expert in the field, Coursera offers positive psychology certification online. This course is offered for free and includes a verified certificate that proves your learning. This certification can help you boost your career prospects. The course is taught in English and focuses on various aspects of psychology, including self-regulation and change. It also teaches you how to deal with difficult situations and overcome limiting beliefs.

The program is designed for individuals interested in applying positive psychology in their career, including learning professionals, HR professionals, and educators. You can access all of the course content, view lectures, and try out the assignments, as well as take part in the discussion forums. The certification program costs $79 USD per month. In return, you can also share your certificate on social media sites like LinkedIn. There are no prerequisites or requirements to take this program.

Wholebeing Institute

The Positive Psychology Certification online program from the Wholebeing Institute is delivered entirely online. This course combines expert advice and direct application, and develops a foundation for a constructive self-regard and grounded optimism. The course also includes practical tools to boost health, resilience, and mindfulness, while creating greater overall well-being. Continuing education credits are available for coaching (ICF).

The course is divided into six core modules, which focus on enhancing happiness and well-being. These modules include: engagement, meaning, relationships, achievement, and vitality. You can complete the course within six months, including a final project. The course includes self-assessment tests and a weekly emotion check-in. Past participants have reported significant improvement in life satisfaction after finishing the course. To get a full understanding of the course, read our reviews to learn more about the courses.

The course also includes immersive experience at Kripalu. There is still room for booking immersions, and the first one starts in March. The online program is open to everyone, and is facilitated by renowned faculty. The program expands the dimensions of Positive Psychology to a whole person approach and the SPIRE methodology. This course will prepare you to implement proven practices in organizations to increase employee productivity and profits. The certificate is open to all individuals and professionals.

University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania offers an online certificate program in positive psychology. The program is ideal for health practitioners, social entrepreneurs, and HR professionals. Graduates of the program have proven results in the field of personal development and enhancing the lives of others. The course content focuses on positive psychology and its application in everyday life. The program revolves around Dr. Martin Seligman’s model of flourishing, and students can apply what they learn to enhance their own personal lives.

Students in these online programs will have the opportunity to learn about the research behind positive psychology and its application to the workplace. The programs are led by world-renowned faculty with years of experience. The program is flexible and designed to meet the needs of individuals at all stages of their careers. The University of Pennsylvania offers a variety of programs in positive psychology. For those who live outside of Pennsylvania, Penn offers a number of options.

Pursuit of Happiness

A Pursuit of Happiness Certification online offers a comprehensive approach to improving the quality of your life. Taking the course will teach you how to use the science of happiness to improve your personal and professional life. It will also provide you with research-backed strategies for happiness. Instructors are world-renowned authorities on positive psychology and gifted teachers. Other instructors in the course include Barbara Fredrickson, Paul Ekman, Jon Kabat-Zinn, and Sonja Lyubomirsky.

As a globalizing society, the pursuit of happiness has become a critical topic. As political freedom and financial resources become more widely available, more people are seeking fulfillment in their lives. In the process, they are becoming increasingly concerned with their personal happiness and well-being. The result is a growing number of self-help books on the topic. But what is happiness? How can we measure our happiness? The answer may surprise you.

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