Effective Tree Service and Pruning Techniques

tree service

A tree service technician is a person who specifically is trained in identifying pests and diseases, and takes care of trees. With sophisticated climbing and wiring techniques, he’ll cut down excess or dead branches from trees to keep clear of sidewalks, roads or utilities, or just to increase the aesthetic value, aesthetic appeal and functionality of your yard or garden. The term “tree service” is sometimes used in a generic sense, encompassing work that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with trees. The term, however, is much more specific, involving services provided by trained tree surgeons, technicians, nurseries and other specialists.

Some examples of tree service technicians include tree service specialists, arborists and other forest care experts. Some other examples include firewood buyers and deck builders. They also may provide services like removing hazardous branches, pruning, cutting down dead flowers, shrub trimming tree limbs, tree removal and other tree care tasks. In some cases, they act as a liaison between homeowners and their respective property owners or management companies.

Typically, tree removal and tree trimming are done in spring and fall. Typically, there’s a scheduled tree removal service on a particular date every spring, and a stump removal service once each fall. But if a tree has grown too large or dangerous for standard tree removal methods, stump grinding, tree felling or tree trimming may be required. These jobs involve specialized equipment and tools, including hand pruners and power pruners.

Tree pruning, often referred to as thinning or removal, involves removing branches and buds that don’t produce or contribute to the tree’s overall health or beauty. Tree pruning may also mean removing diseased or unhealthy branches. The most common type of pruning is to simply remove the old growth, but tree removal and trimming companies may also specialize in clearing away infected areas, fixing broken or damaged branches, or repairing damage to soil or stone by using chemicals. Tree health care experts may also perform other tree removal and pruning techniques such as applying fungus or insecticides and making repairs to tree roots, limbs or twigs caused by storms or diseases.

Tree services, unlike many services offered by commercial or residential contractors, usually charge for the initial consultation and estimate. But it’s important to set clear expectations before engaging a tree services firm. Inquire about the costs involved, and ask to see pictures of past projects. It’s also a good idea to meet with prospective tree trimming or removal companies in person to discuss a realistic tree removal schedule and tree care plans.

Tree removal and pruning are vital activities that should be completed regularly to keep your trees healthy. However, certain tree diseases, insects and pests may prevent routine work. To address these threats, it’s important to regularly trim dead or dying branches, loosen cluttered decaying matter and remove damaged roots. Tree removal and pruning can also prevent other damaging occurrences. Following these steps will help you enjoy healthy, attractive trees for many years.

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