Collagen Protein Powder and Its Effects

What are collagen protein powders? A recent Internet search turned up a number of websites advertising products with collagen protein. Many sites promoted their products as the latest, greatest, or the greatest collagen product that money can buy. Some even claimed that their products had been formulated by “the” Dr. Nicholas Perricone. There were also sites claiming that their product had been created by a “Nobel Peace Prize” awardee. One site called Simply Natural Health proclaimed that their product was so pure that it could be used for eyes, skin, lips, scalp and “anywhere else.”

collagen protein powder

While all these products sound nice, the collagen protein powder products contain collagen and elastin in varying percentages, which are not the vital proteins collagen peptides. Collagen and elastin are the building blocks of healthy elastic skin, which helps to prevent sagging, wrinkles, age spots, dark circles, and other visible signs of aging. However, it has long been known that deficiency of these two proteins results in the formation of wrinkles, sagging skin, age spots, circles and other signs of aging. Most people know this already, but it’s good to know that you can readily help your body replace lost collagen and elastin without resorting to cosmetic surgery or injections.

The human body contains a wide variety of connective tissue including bones, teeth, ligaments, arteries, muscles, heart valves, and kidneys. Interestingly, there are some types of connective tissue that are not proteins at all. These are the elastin, collagen protein powder, and hyaluronic acid found in the deep layers of the skin and other tissues.

There is some wonderful new research out there now showing that you can stimulate the growth of collagen protein peptides through the use of an ingredient commonly found in eye shadow, skin creams, and body lotions, called Functional Keratin. It is produced naturally by the wool belonging to a variety of species of sheep. Scientists have isolated and purified this wool in order to make a high quality natural active ingredient called wakame. In tests, this wakame ingredient has been shown to significantly increase the production rate and quantity of collagen protein peptides by up to 67%. This is a phenomenal result, especially considering that clinical trials have proven that there is nothing at all responsible for the slowdown of collagen production we see in older humans.

Now, lets go back to my original question: what about collagen protein powder and how can it help me look younger? Most clinical research shows that it actually does play a major role in helping the body to replace lost collagen and elastin molecules. However, it also plays an important role in the formation of new collagen. Many people are now using a clinically proven mixture of enzymes along with wakame and other ingredients to stimulate the natural biological activity of their bodies to create new collagen peptides. This is how you get the impressive results that you see in clinical trials and in the studies that support these results.

The bottom line is that you really cannot discount the importance of looking after your skin, regardless of the form in which it is presented. That being said, you do not want to sacrifice too much on either one. You still need to find a high quality skin care product, such as the collagen protein powder and other products containing effective compounds like Cynergy TK and Phytessence Wakame. Hopefully this information will help you choose wisely.

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