The 507k Holosun Red Dot Sight

In the world of red dot sights, the 507k holosun stands out as a sleek, compact optic designed specifically for pistols. The tiny, powerful device packs a host of features that make it perfect for concealed carry shooters. It’s easy to mount, comes with three reticle options and adjustable brightness settings and boasts impressive battery life. The 507k holosun is also one of the few red dots that allows users to switch between a 2 MOA dot, a 32 MOA circle and a circle dot combination.

The 507k is an excellent choice for concealed carry firearms, especially those who use a lot of magnum-based ammunition. The small aperture means that the sight will be unobtrusive on a large pistol, and the battery life is impressive. It can run for 50,000 hours at brightness level 6, which is more than enough for most situations. It’s also a great option for people with limited space on their weapon who need to keep it as compact as possible.

Unlike many other red dot sights, the Holosun 507k is designed with a side-loading battery. This makes it easier to swap out the CR1632 battery without removing the optic from the gun. It also has a battery saver setting that reduces power usage when the sight is not in use.

Both the 507K and 507C have impressive battery life. The CR1632 batteries used in the 507K and 507C are rated for up to 50,000 hours at the brightest setting, which is more than enough for most shooting applications. These batteries are available at almost any electronics store and will work just fine on your Holosun.

This red dot is a bit more compact than the 507c, and it follows the Shield RMS footprint for compatibility with most pistols. It’s also a bit cheaper, but it still offers the same great features as the 507C. The only real difference is the fact that it doesn’t have a built-in rear sight to function as a failsafe.

Holosun’s Shake Awake feature is a nice touch, and the aiming marks are clearly marked for windage and elevation. There is no manual for this device, but a few online resources are available to help you figure out how to adjust it for zeroing. The Holosun 507k is a great choice for pistols that will be carried in the field or for law enforcement duties. It has a clear glass window, a multi-reticle system and a high-definition color LCD display. It is easy to operate and has an open emitter with aluminum housing. It weighs 1 oz and is very small and lightweight.

The Holosun 507K is a great addition to any firearm. It is durable and compact, and it has a clear, bright red dot. It can be adjusted to different light levels and has a night vision mode as well. It also has a built-in flash suppressor, making it safe to use on most firearms. It is a great upgrade for any weapon, especially a pistol.

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