• IPQS Anti Fraud Tools

    IPQS anti fraud tools help you identify high risk users and malicious behavior in real-time without impacting legitimate traffic. Our enterprise level solutions score user data such as an IP address or device, email address, phone number, or complete billing details, and generate a real-time fraud score and over 25 risk analysis data points to analyze how likely a visitor is to engage in fraudulent activity.

    Proxy & VPN Detection API

    IPQS proxy and VPN detection API is the most comprehensive tool online to filter open proxies, anonymous proxies, Tor nodes, VPNs, hosting providers, spammers, malware & spyware, botnets, residential proxies, and other undesirable shared connections that are highly inclined to engage in malicious activity. It also learns from your traffic to mitigate false-positives and inaccurate results.

    Email Validation & Verification Service

    IPQS email validation & verification services are 99% accurate using proprietary tests and extensive data collected by scoring hundreds of millions of user events per day, including registrations & transactions on the Internet’s most popular sites. Instantly score emails with an easy to use Email Verification API or batch process CSV files, and protect your site from email fraud, scams & chargebacks with a reliable, fast, accurate service.

    Device Fingerprinting & Reputation Checks

    IPQS has an extensive portfolio of mobile and device fingerprinting services to enrich device data with intelligent risk analysis, so that you can verify users with ease, eliminate spam & phishing, and reduce chargebacks. This is ideal for affiliate agencies, advertisers, and merchants who want to protect their sites from fraudulent signups and purchases.

    Fraud & Abuse Prevention for Payments & Transactions

    The most effective fraud & abuse protection solutions are based on the ability to automatically block users with a high risk score who might be using stolen or leaked information, making payments with a fraudulent credit card, or engaging in other abusive behaviors. These automated safety checks are faster, easier, and more cost-effective than manual checks.

    Our networked approach to fighting fraud uses hundreds of millions of user actions in every industry and region across the world, to identify new patterns of abuse that are not yet obvious. With this data, we can develop advanced reputation checks to block ad fraud, click fraud, account creation fraud, and other types of abusive activity.

    Stripe Radar (Automated Payments)

    Powered by IPQS, Stripe Radar is an integrated service that verifies customers in real-time as they make payments. The service combines the accuracy of our proprietary blacklists with the speed and reliability of Stripe’s payment processing platform.

    The IPQS fraud and abuse detection tools can be used on any website or application to prevent malicious users from logging in, creating fake accounts, or submitting fraudulent orders. These tools work around the clock to automate quality control, prevent frequent abusers, and instantly improve your user quality!

    Fraud & Abuse ShieldTM

    IPQS provides community blacklists from abuse reports from the Internet’s top sites and additional proprietary blacklists compiled by the company’s threat network. These data sets are augmented by IPQS Dark Data, which enhances lookups with greater detection and accuracy on stolen or leaked user data and compromised IPs.

  • What You Should Learn About Freeze Dried Out Cat Food

    Freeze dried pet cat food is a terrific way to transition your feline into a raw diet plan without having to make the commitment of changing over totally. It is available in many different types, from full & well balanced freeze-dried meals to mattress toppers that can be sprinkled over wet food or kibble.

    Does Freeze-Dried Cat Food Have Bacteria from Fresh Meat?
    The freeze-drying procedure gets rid of all of the wetness from the raw components, enabling them to be shelf-stable. This procedure also destroys microorganisms and bloodsuckers that might exist in raw foods. While the freeze-drying procedure can be a risky one, some brand names take additional preventative measures to lessen microbial contamination in their products. These procedures often consist of high-pressure processing to entirely kill bacteria like Salmonella as well as E. coli, without impacting the nutritional value of the product.

    Can I Feed My Cat Freeze Dried Out Feline Food?
    While freeze-dried foods may not be as healthy for your pet cat as raw foods, they are a terrific choice if you want to introduce a much more all-natural diet regimen. They use a more meaty, less grainy as well as more nutrient-rich diet than standard completely dry kibble. They are additionally lower in soluble carbs, which can result in weight gain as well as digestive system concerns, and also greater in taurine, a key protein building block.

    Is Freeze Dried Out Feline Food Safe?
    While the freezing and drying procedure can assist to minimize the microbial as well as parasitical tons in raw feline food, it does not remove all virus. Some microbial pathogens have the ability to survive cold as well as drying out, so it is essential to choose a brand that evaluates their products for these contaminates and also provides outcomes on their internet site.

    Can I Use Freeze-Dried Feline Food as a Treat or Meal Replacement?
    Making use of freeze-dried pet cat food as a treat is a good way to see if your pet cat will certainly accept it as a brand-new food source. Instead of just providing it on its own, attempt to incorporate it right into your feline’s existing meal by adding a little to their water or rehydrating it with a pet-safe brew.

    Are Freeze-Dried Pet Cat Foods Easy to Rehydrate?
    Rehydrating freeze dried cat food can be an obstacle, specifically when using raw goat or cow milk to do so. If you are not sure of the kind of rehydrating fluid you must be using, consult your veterinarian. It is best to rehydrate the freeze-dried food within half a hr and also cool it for at the very least two days afterwards, as this will aid to keep germs from growing on the food.

    Are Freeze-Dried Foods Ideal for Picky Eaters?
    If your feline is fussy or rarely reveals a hunger, introducing freeze-dried foods can be a terrific means to raise their range of choices. These are likewise a fantastic different to damp and also dry kibble, as freeze-dried foods can be extra easily drawn down by your cat, as well as are normally simpler for them to digest.

    Is Freeze Dried Out Food Better than Normal Kibble?
    Freeze-dried foods are commonly a bit extra pricey than typical dry kibble. This is due to the higher quality of the active ingredients made use of as well as the extra processing involved in making freeze-dried foods. Nevertheless, this cost is a tiny financial investment when compared to the health advantages you can expect from a high quality freeze-dried cat food.

  • The Absolute Best Kratom Brands

    The very best kratom brand names provide top quality products and exceptional client service. They give accurate dosing and lab-tested kratom powder, pills, removes, and more at cost effective costs. They also have a vast array of different kratom pressures and a variety of shipment options, including powder, tablet computers, and also capsules.

    Kratom has actually been known to create a series of positive effects, from power increases and also state of mind enhancement to discomfort relief and anxiety management. It can additionally help you rest much better and kick back. Nevertheless, it is essential to recognize exactly how to use kratom safely and also successfully.

    Novice individuals may intend to begin with a small dose of kratom powder to get a concept of the results it will certainly have on them. For this, a tsp of kratom is an excellent beginning factor for most individuals. You can boost your dosage to a tbsp or even a full teaspoon if you are experiencing the desired outcomes. This is a much more secure strategy to kratom than taking big amounts at the same time.

    The DEA has actually noted kratom as an Arrange I drug, making it unlawful in some states. Furthermore, it can trigger addiction if utilized improperly. To prevent a potential addiction, it is very important to buy just from trustworthy business as well as to be cautious about just how much you take at once.

    There are several elements that establish if a product is premium and risk-free for usage. As an example, you need to try to find a brand that supplies cGMP manufacturing methods or that is certified by the American Kratom Association. These companies will certainly make sure that kratom vendors adhere to stringent laws to safeguard the public.

    It is likewise a good concept to search for companies that provide comprehensive educational sources to enlighten consumers about their items as well as exactly how they can profit their health and wellness. This will assist you feel great in your acquisition and the advantages of kratom.

    Established in 2014 by a group of young entrepreneurs with a passion in the kratom plant, Kats Botanicals makes every effort to bring you the highest-quality kratom items. Their cGMP-certified products are produced in a tidy atmosphere as well as checked by recognized labs. The company likewise takes openness a step even more with the launch of their laboratory records on their site via QR codes, so you can review them before acquiring any kind of items.

    The brand name’s items are additionally priced competitively and they usually include discount rates on several items, along with free shipping on their initial order. They additionally have a practical subscription system that sends out a new set of kratom to you every 2 to 8 weeks, making sure that your supply never runs out.

    Mit45’s kratom items are made with extensive expertise of the kratom plant and its impacts, offering pre-measured application in a travel-friendly plan. They likewise put in the time to guarantee their best kratom powder as well as removes are 100% pure and sourced from sustainable farms.

    As a premier kratom supplier, Leading Removes is known for their premium quality kratom products and dedication to supplying a secure as well as effective option to prescription medications. They have a wide variety of kratom pressures readily available, each with its own special buildings as well as benefits. From Borneo kratom, a popular choice for pain relief and also relaxation, to Malay kratom, which is understood for its revitalizing effects, this kratom brand is a terrific alternative for those that are trying to find an effective all-natural supplement.

  • What Is Drug Testing?

    Drug screening is the procedure of collecting a sample, either from an individual’s pee or blood, and afterwards utilizing it to spot particular drugs or their metabolites. This information can be used to determine whether an individual is abusing or has a compound usage condition as well as to help choose just how best to handle them.

    Drug test kits are readily available for many kinds of medicine tests as well as can be bought online or through a medical professional’s workplace. They are likewise cost specialist stores marketing pharmaceutical tools and also can be sent to a laboratory.

    Many drug examinations involve the collection of a pee example, yet they can also be carried out with saliva, blood, and sweat. Depending on the type of test, it might take a number of days for the outcomes to be all set.

    A few of the a lot more common types of examinations can be done at home, such as breath or blood examination kits. These sets can be acquired on the internet or at specialized stores, and also you will typically need to adhere to the guidelines carefully.

    The most accurate as well as trusted medication screening is done at a licensed lab that makes use of both a first (immunoassay) as well as confirmatory (gas chromatography-mass spectrometry [GC-MS] test) technique. This two-step method gives a high degree of level of sensitivity and also uniqueness, with very low incorrect positive rates.

    Although most people do not use illegal drugs naked in the office, employers still need to be familiar with chemical abuse amongst their staff members. Employers can use medication testing to prevent substance abuse, decrease worker turnover, and also boost efficiency.

    Random examinations are one of the most efficient way to discourage material use. They are performed on an unannounced basis, so there is no predisposition. They can be performed at a selection of times, including before as well as after work, after a mishap or injury, or after a recovery program has been completed.

    Pre-employment testing is utilized to stop possible employers from working with employees who have a history of drug abuse or are thought of devoting a crime related to medicines. It is likewise utilized to examine a prospective employee’s mental wellness standing.

    Post-accident and post-treatment examinations are made use of to identify if substance abuse has actually contributed to a job-related mishap or an injury. They are normally performed after an employee has actually completed a rehabilitation program as well as is returning to function.

    The most important point to remember concerning medication screening is that it does not always give you a clear image of an individual’s drug abuse problem. There are a variety of aspects that can make an unfavorable outcome inaccurate, consisting of the amount of the medication in the urine or the moment that it was collected.

    False-positives are likewise possible, especially when an individual takes in specific foods or takes specific prescription as well as non-prescription drugs. For example, consuming poppy seeds can create false-positive results for opioids in an urine examination.

    In order to ensure the accuracy of workplace medication testing, employers need to apply a comprehensive drug testing program that includes a personalized method for every employee as well as an evaluation of risk. These techniques ought to be based upon the particular workplace demands of each organization, and also each employee needs to be alerted of his/her civil liberties and duties under the program.

  • Just how to Discover a Trustworthy Moving Business

    A relocating business supplies a service to help individuals relocate their properties from one location to one more. They can also use storage space choices and other relocation services. The most effective relocating business are understood for being reputable, using budget friendly rates, and also offering superb client assistance.

    Neighborhood moving companies might not be as managed or kept track of as national movers, so finding a dependable one is typically a case of word of mouth. Ask buddies, family members, and also relied on professionals for recommendations as well as reviews.

    Prior to picking a firm, you’ll intend to consider their licensing and also certification status. The FMCSA tracks these credentials, as well as you can check them out online to see whether the firm is correctly licensed. It’s likewise a great idea to search for a business with the ProMover qualification, which requires them to satisfy rigorous security as well as solution requirements.

    Insurance is a big deal, and also you’ll intend to make certain that your movers are covered for the items they’re relocating. Generally, you’ll need to pay an additional charge for amount protection, however it can shield you in the event of damage or theft.

    Getting an accurate quote is critical to your relocation, so it is essential to take a complete inventory of your items before you get going. This will provide you a far better feeling of what you need as well as what it will certainly cost to employ a moving business.

    Then, you can access least 3 quotes from a few different relocating firms to compare rates and solutions. Recognize any prices that aren’t consisted of in the price quote, such as the Stockroom Handling fee, and ask to get an extra accurate quote before reserving.

    A moving firm can be worked with for a selection of different jobs, from basic packing to intricate automobile shipping. They can additionally give storage solutions as well as a vast array of additional solutions, such as scrap elimination and also cleansing.

    Along with general relocating services, there are also specialized https://varsitymoversllc.com/service-areas/ashland-ma/ that concentrate on certain areas or types of things. For instance, piano movers are trained to securely carry your fragile or pricey instruments. Likewise, pool table movers will need to dismantle your pool table prior to moving it to make certain that it’s in secure problem when it gets to your new home.

    You can expect to pay a little bit a lot more for these types of movers, yet they will have specialized training, which implies they are most likely to see to it your items get here securely. You can also expect to get additional solutions, such as a personal moving coordinator and a full value security strategy.

    Depending upon the state you’re relocating to, you’ll require to learn if the relocating company is signed up and also insured in your location. In New york city, for instance, you need to be sure that the moving company you pick is NYSDOT-registered and also has the appropriate licensing to operate in the state.

    It’s additionally a good suggestion to have a look at any kind of specialty benefits that the moving company offers, such as free moving boxes or loading products. These can help you save cash in the long run, and also can be an excellent means to obtain even more for your money when relocating to a new location.

  • Scrapy – A Beginner’s Guide

    Scrapy is one of the most powerful, widely used web scraping libraries. It provides a “batteries included” approach to scraping, meaning it handles a lot of the common functionality that all scrapers need so developers can focus on building their applications.

    Its spiders can be very generic or highly customizable, depending on the project’s needs. It also supports items pipelines to help scrapers avoid duplicate data, save it in CSV or SQLite, and much more.

    The Scrapy API can be accessed through its command line interface, making it easy to get started with scraping and creating new spiders. Its built-in logging is useful for monitoring the crawler, and it’s also possible to collect statistics from the crawler, send email notifications about specific events, and more.

    In addition, it provides tools for testing the behavior of web pages, and a web-crawling shell that lets you test the page’s components to see how they would behave in different scenarios.

    A typical scrapy project consists of two main parts, the spider and the settings module. The spider stores the information about the website it is scraping, and the settings module contains the code that controls what the spider will do when it’s working.

    When a web page is visited, a request is sent to the engine, which then dispatches it to the downloader. The downloader then downloads the requested webpage, generates a response, and sends it back to the engine.

    Once the response is received, the engine sends a callback to the spider, which then performs the required actions on the response and yields more requests or data points. This callback is often called by other spiders that are scraping the same website.

    In this way, each spider can send n requests to the engine at any given time (the limit of your hardware’s processing capability), and the scheduler keeps adding these requests to its queue so that it can dispatch them when asked.

    You can configure the scrapy_spiders configuration variable to set allowed domains, which helps you restrict the spider from crawling unnecessary sites. You can also set a fixed delay between scraped pages, which will help the spider avoid overloading the server and causing problems for the site’s administrators.

    If you’re working with a large crawler, it’s important to tune the Scrapy configuration so that it can run at the fastest speed it can while still running efficiently. This can be done by using a scheduler and an AutoThrottle feature, both of which are available in the configuration file.

    It’s important to use XPath expressions and CSS selectors when writing a web crawler in Python. XPath is a powerful language for selecting elements on a web page, and Scrapy makes it easy to use it with its built-in pyXpath.

    This makes it a breeze to write code that can be reused across multiple scraping projects. The beauty of XPath expressions is that they can be chained and used together to select a wide range of HTML elements on a page.

  • Tips For Hiring Local Movers

    Hiring a local mover is often the most convenient option for those moving within their city. Most companies offer a range of services, so you can customize your moving experience to your specific needs. For example, you may want them to help you pack boxes and transport your items from your old home to the new one. Or you might want them to assist you with an entire, all-inclusive move.

    Local movers typically charge by the hour, rather than by shipment weight, so they’re able to provide more affordable pricing than cross-country and long distance moving companies. Their pricing is also based on how many movers or trucks they use, and the location of your home or business.

    A good local mover will give you a price quote before the job starts. This is a great way to ensure you’re not getting scammed by low-ball estimates or non-licensed movers who are using bait-and-switch tactics to make money off of unsuspecting customers.

    Your estimate should include all of the services you will need, such as packing, transporting, and putting your belongings into storage, along with their costs. It should also give you an idea of how long the movers will be at your location.

    Ask for a written contract. This document will outline the responsibilities of both parties and can help you avoid being scammed by unlicensed movers or a local mover that’s trying to take advantage of you by charging you more than their estimate for services.

    Be sure to ask about their insurance and licenses. This will make you more confident about their ability to handle your valuables and the risks involved.

    Hire a team of movers who can work together to handle large furniture and heavy equipment. If you have a pool table or other bulky items, for example, you’ll want to make sure that the team of movers you select is experienced and knowledgeable about how to safely transport such items.

    Depending on how many items you have, you’ll need a few movers to get the job done. For a small one-bedroom apartment, two movers can usually complete the job, while a three or four bedroom unit requires a team of about 4 movers to move everything.

    A good moving company will be able to answer all of your questions and provide you with the information you need to plan your move efficiently and without stress. They should be able to show you their licensing and insurance, as well as provide you with a written quote.

    You’ll also want to check out their reviews online and in your area. If a company has no reviews, this can be a sign that they are not reputable.

    In addition to requesting a quote, it’s a good idea to ask about their experience and customer service. A reputable mover will have a staff member who will be on the ground at your location during the relocation to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about the moving process.

  • Why a Wool Tunic Is a Great Baselayer and Midlayer For Winter Activities

    Wool has a bad reputation, but it’s actually an amazing baselayer and midlayer for winter activities. This is because wool can be breathable, highly warm and super light weight! This makes it the perfect choice for a technical piece of gear that is also a pleasure to wear.

    Historically, wool clothing was very common in the Viking world and is still a popular choice for costuming events and reenactments today! The wool we use in this tunic comes from recycled wool that was reclaimed and resuscitated, avoiding the need for a lot of water, energy and chemicals to make it.

    The fibers in wool are small, and they can absorb a great deal of moisture without feeling heavy or clumpy, like most synthetic fabrics. They can also wick away sweat, so they are excellent at keeping you dry!

    They are a natural insulator, allowing tiny air pockets to trap body heat and keep you warm. This is especially useful on cold, damp days because it allows you to stay comfortable for longer.

    This insulating property is due to the fact that wool fibers are very thin, and they can form very fine air pockets. When you sweat, the moisture is absorbed by these tiny air pockets and is then released through evaporation. This is much more effective than most synthetics, which are thick and can’t trap as much heat.

    These air pockets help keep your skin cool on hot days and warm on cold days, making it a very versatile fabric. It’s a great alternative to synthetics because it is more environmentally friendly and it can be used for a wide range of activities.

    Merino wool tunic products are highly odor resistant because of their natural anti-microbial properties. They are also extremely durable and can resist even the harshest elements, such as rain or snow!

    We recommend hand-washing this item. This will help to maintain the integrity of the fibers and the shape of the garment. This will also help prevent it from shrinking, sagging or stretching out of shape as often happens with other sweaters that are not made from wool.

    It is a very sturdy and well-made garment that is a favorite among our customers. It will last you for years to come and it’s very easy to care for, so it will be a great investment!

    This garment is also a great addition to your wardrobe if you’re planning on traveling abroad in the future. It can be easily taken on and off, and it’s lightweight enough to be worn in air conditioning while you’re traveling.

    The hem of this tunic can be tied around the neck to form a collar. This will add a touch of detail and give it a more formal look. It is embroidered along the bottom hem, at the neckline and at the cuffs to tie the look together.

    In the past, wool tunics were worn by both men and women. The men wore them over their trousers (left) or over their skirts. The women wore them over their kirtle, or undergarment. Depending on their status, they may have worn a long cloak over their tunic.

  • How to Install a Heat Pump in Your Home

    Heat Pump is one of the most energy efficient ways to heat your home, and can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. It’s also a great alternative to furnaces and air conditioners, and it’s often more affordable than other heating options.

    You can install a heat pump in many types of homes, depending on your needs and where you live. Some scenarios are harder or more expensive than others, and you’ll want to consult with a professional to determine the best fit for your home and your situation.

    Ductless Mini-Split System

    A ductless mini-split system is a common way to add a heat pump to a home without ducts. It consists of an outdoor unit that connects to indoor air handler heads, or “heads,” installed throughout your home. The outdoor unit blows warm or cool air through the air vents that are placed around your house.

    There are a few different kinds of ductless systems. The most popular is the packaged ductless model, which looks and acts like a conventional central AC but doesn’t need ducts to move air through your home.

    Alternatively, you can choose a ground-source Heat Pump, which works by transferring heat from the Earth or water. These are more efficient in cold climates, and some models can deliver enough heat even down to 5deg F.

    In addition, ground-source heat pumps are a great choice for homes with no ductwork. They don’t require ducts to move air, and are easier to install than ducted models.

    They’re ENERGY STAR certified, and they can save you up to 20% in heating costs over a traditional gas furnace or electric-resistance furnace. And if you’re considering solar power, they can work in tandem with solar panels to help offset your electricity bill.

    When it comes to installing a heat pump, you’ll need to find a professional who’s qualified to install the system in your home and who offers a warranty. Typically, these warranties are for two to three years and can be extended.

    A heat pump should last for about 15 years or more, depending on how well it is maintained. It’s important to have a yearly check by a professional, and you may need to replace parts over time.

    You can find a local, reputable contractor to install a heat pump in your home or business by asking around for referrals. It’s important to find a professional who understands your unique needs and can provide quotes for your specific project.

    The most affordable way to get a heat pump installed in your home is by working with an installer who can provide you with competitive quotes. It’s also a good idea to ask about rebates and incentives offered by your local utility or state, which can make the process of getting a new energy-efficient heating and cooling system much more affordable.

    Choosing the Right Temperature

    The temperature of the refrigerant inside a heat pump’s compressor is crucial to how well it operates. A lower temperature means less energy is used to run it, and a higher temperature means more energy is saved.

  • How to Prevent Water Damage in Your Home

    Water damage can be caused by many different circumstances, including leaks in pipes, faulty appliances and natural disasters like floods. It’s important to identify these issues as early as possible so you can take steps to protect your home.

    Watch Your Bills to Monitor for Leaks

    A leaking pipe or faucet can go unnoticed for months or even years, until the problem is revealed to you by a high water bill or other signs of leakage. To help you catch these issues, monitor your water bills for any increase in usage without any other changes to your home’s water use. You may also consider installing water detectors to alert you when a problem arises.

    Check Your Appliances for Water Leaks

    Some appliances can cause water damage if they’re not maintained or repaired regularly, especially washing machines and refrigerators. These appliances can often become rusty or damaged, and their hoses can crack or break, allowing water to seep into your house and causing damage.

    Regularly check your home’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system for leaks, too. These systems typically need routine maintenance, and any problems can lead to mold and other moisture-related problems.

    Replace Older Equipment with New or Stainless Steel – It’s important to make sure that any appliances you have in your home are still working well and not deteriorating. Some older machines, like water heaters and dishwashers, are more susceptible to water damage than others. Buying new or stainless steel appliances can help you avoid this issue, and it will save you money in the long run.

    Maintain Your Home’s Foundation to Prevent Additional Damage

    When water gets inside your home, it can damage a variety of different surfaces. It can also cause rot and mold to grow, and it can affect your home’s structure if it reaches the foundation. If your home’s foundation is Las Vegas water damage, it can be very difficult to fix and could lead to a lot of expensive repairs down the line.

    If you’re planning on moving or selling your home, it’s a good idea to find out about the current state of the foundation. A company with experience in repairing foundations can help you find and fix any issues, and they can also suggest ways to prevent water damage in the future.

    Get a Home Inspection Before You Buy It

    Buying a home is an exciting step in your life. It’s a huge responsibility, but it’s also one of the most important decisions you will ever make. If you’re looking for a new home, it’s important to know what to look for in the property and how much you should pay for it.

    Before you buy a home, it’s a good idea check with your local real estate agent and search the Internet to see what other homes in your area are selling for. You can use this information to determine whether a home’s condition is likely to be worth the money you are paying for it.