IPQS Anti Fraud Tools

IPQS anti fraud tools help you identify high risk users and malicious behavior in real-time without impacting legitimate traffic. Our enterprise level solutions score user data such as an IP address or device, email address, phone number, or complete billing details, and generate a real-time fraud score and over 25 risk analysis data points to analyze how likely a visitor is to engage in fraudulent activity.

Proxy & VPN Detection API

IPQS proxy and VPN detection API is the most comprehensive tool online to filter open proxies, anonymous proxies, Tor nodes, VPNs, hosting providers, spammers, malware & spyware, botnets, residential proxies, and other undesirable shared connections that are highly inclined to engage in malicious activity. It also learns from your traffic to mitigate false-positives and inaccurate results.

Email Validation & Verification Service

IPQS email validation & verification services are 99% accurate using proprietary tests and extensive data collected by scoring hundreds of millions of user events per day, including registrations & transactions on the Internet’s most popular sites. Instantly score emails with an easy to use Email Verification API or batch process CSV files, and protect your site from email fraud, scams & chargebacks with a reliable, fast, accurate service.

Device Fingerprinting & Reputation Checks

IPQS has an extensive portfolio of mobile and device fingerprinting services to enrich device data with intelligent risk analysis, so that you can verify users with ease, eliminate spam & phishing, and reduce chargebacks. This is ideal for affiliate agencies, advertisers, and merchants who want to protect their sites from fraudulent signups and purchases.

Fraud & Abuse Prevention for Payments & Transactions

The most effective fraud & abuse protection solutions are based on the ability to automatically block users with a high risk score who might be using stolen or leaked information, making payments with a fraudulent credit card, or engaging in other abusive behaviors. These automated safety checks are faster, easier, and more cost-effective than manual checks.

Our networked approach to fighting fraud uses hundreds of millions of user actions in every industry and region across the world, to identify new patterns of abuse that are not yet obvious. With this data, we can develop advanced reputation checks to block ad fraud, click fraud, account creation fraud, and other types of abusive activity.

Stripe Radar (Automated Payments)

Powered by IPQS, Stripe Radar is an integrated service that verifies customers in real-time as they make payments. The service combines the accuracy of our proprietary blacklists with the speed and reliability of Stripe’s payment processing platform.

The IPQS fraud and abuse detection tools can be used on any website or application to prevent malicious users from logging in, creating fake accounts, or submitting fraudulent orders. These tools work around the clock to automate quality control, prevent frequent abusers, and instantly improve your user quality!

Fraud & Abuse ShieldTM

IPQS provides community blacklists from abuse reports from the Internet’s top sites and additional proprietary blacklists compiled by the company’s threat network. These data sets are augmented by IPQS Dark Data, which enhances lookups with greater detection and accuracy on stolen or leaked user data and compromised IPs.

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