Garage Door Opener – Regular Maintenance Helps Ensure Reliability

Garage Door opener

Garage door opener are controlled by electric motors on the garage ceiling. Garage door openers are controlled either by manual or automatic operation. Most garage door openers now have built-in wireless remote controls. Garage door openers are available for any type of garage door; wood, steel or fiberglass. All garage door openers are operated by electrical motors, so there is no need for a battery or any other power source.

Regular maintenance of your garage door opener will give you many years of trouble-free service. Garage door openers control both side panels doors and interior doors. Garage door openers are powered by separate electrical motors, either one or both, depending on the model. Most garage door openers also include a small handheld radio transmitter carried by the individual, which is used to activate the door from a distance. Garage door openers must be mounted on a framing member adjacent to the door for this reason.

The first step in proper maintenance of your garage door opener is to disconnect the electrical power from the motor. Unscrew the screws and remove the chain from the drive unit. Now clean the motor and lubricate all moving parts using transmission fluid and oil. Run transmission fluid through the chain drive and down the chain until it runs clear. Check to make certain that there is no build-up of dirt or debris in the chain drive.

If you prefer to replace your garage door opener with a brand new unit, look for a power supply specification in the manual that came with your unit. To determine the horsepower of your new garage door opener, multiply the pull weight (force) rating of the motor by the number of turn brackets (in-line/out-of-way). For example, if you have a belt-driven opener, the horsepower is six thousand pounds per minute. You can also purchase a power meter that will indicate the horsepower rating of your equipment. If you want to increase the horsepower of your unit, you can replace the existing belt with a heavy-duty high-performance one, or install a second drive belt with an increased number of turn brackets.

If your garage door opener needs more power, you can buy a direct-drive electric motor that offers variable speed control. A direct-drive motor has three speeds, which are useful in combination with the full system. You can also opt for a double-arm, high-lift, roller shutter that utilizes a kinetic energy generated by the pulley system. The drawback to using this type of garage door opener, however, is that the system may become stuck or slow down, especially during operation.

Regular maintenance of all home equipment is important to ensure that they work efficiently. It also ensures that they last longer and stay in good shape. However, it may be difficult to keep on top of all aspects of garage door openers and security accessories. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get a company that provides regular maintenance services at affordable rates. You can then rest easy knowing that your devices are in top working condition.

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