Exactech Knee Recall Lawyer

Exactech Knee Recall Lawyer

According to an Exactech Knee Recall Lawyer, the company continued to market defective devices despite knowing that they were defective. Exactech also allegedly packaged the defective products in “out-of-spec” bags, exposing plastic components to oxygen, which caused abnormally high failure rates. As a result, Exactech has recalled these products. Fortunately, the lawsuits filed by consumers have led to millions of dollars in compensation.

Exactech knee replacement lawsuit

The Exactech knee replacement system was first manufactured in 2007. The company failed to thoroughly test the device before it was sold to the public. As a result, patients were not able to determine if the device fit correctly. Moreover, the company did not have an adequate system for testing the knee implant on real patients. According to the lawsuit, executives and representatives of the company knew that the system was not properly tested, and they hired faulty doctors. As a result, patients ended up with defective joints.


If you’re wondering if you can file a lawsuit for compensation¬†Exactech Knee Recall Lawyer for an Exactech knee recall, you should know that you can. Exactech has retained a settlement adjusting company, Broadspire, to help you navigate the process. Although this company will reimburse you for “out-of-pocket expenses,” this does not mean that you’ll be reimbursed for the examination and replacement procedures you may have had to pay for. Instead, you must bear these costs yourself, and cross your fingers that you’ll be reimbursed. Be aware, though, that filing a lawsuit for compensation does not guarantee you’ll get paid for the expenses you incur.


An Optetrak Exactech knee recall was announced earlier this month, after a New York woman filed a lawsuit alleging that her defective implant caused premature failure and early revision surgery. The recall affects more than 140,000 Exactech knee implants. The recall was prompted by the use of “out-of-spec” vacuum bags with a plastic polyethylene insert component.


You may be wondering whether you have a case if you had a Truliant or Optetrak knee replacement. The Exactech knee replacement recall involves nearly 150,000 defective knee implants and includes both the Optetrak and Truliant models. If you were unable to find answers on your own, you can contact a Truliant Exactech Knee Recall Lawyer for more information.


If you have received one of the hundreds of thousands of total knee replacements from Exactech, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. Exactech learned that the packaging of the plastic implant inserts failed to meet specific specifications. This allowed oxygen to diffuse into the plastic. Oxidation causes the plastic to break down prematurely, and patients may experience painful side effects. As a result, Exactech is now recalling all of these products.

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