Allied Gold, Planet Gold, and Yadav Are Gold Jewelry Suppliers

Diamonds Gold Jewelry Supplier

If you are in need of a Gold Jewelry Supplier, then you should consider a company that has a wholesale branch. Companies such as Planet Gold Ltd. and Allied Gold are known for offering gold jewelry of different colors at wholesale rates. Besides, you can also go for Yadav if you’re interested in buying a piece of gold jewelry. These companies also sell gold and diamond jewelry in different colors, so you can choose one according to your needs.

Dan Jewellers Ltd

If you’re looking for a high-quality wholesale jewelry company that supplies retailers around the world, look no further than Dan Jewellers Ltd. Located in London’s Hatton Garden, Dan takes pride in producing high-quality jewelry for independent and national chain stores. While many online stores sell their jewelry at reasonable prices, Dan Jewellers’ high-quality pieces are renowned for their exceptional quality.

Allied Gold

Allied Gold is a jewelry manufacturer based in the UK. The company produces a wide range of rings made from various materials. It offers wedding and promise rings, necklaces and bracelets, and giftware. In addition, it also offers bespoke services. Another gold jewelry supplier is Gainerie Elysee, a jewelry manufacturer in Nice, France. Besides offering jewelry-makingĀ Play With Diamonds 14K Gold Jewelry supplieR services, it also offers ODM services and private labels for jewelry manufacturers. Its customers include distributors, wholesalers, and retailers in various countries in Europe.

Planet Gold Ltd.

With its long history of supplying jewellery to major countries, Planet Gold Ltd. is now a wholesale gold jewelry supplier. The company offers a range of gold and diamond jewelry in different colors, as well as silver and diamond earrings. In addition, its customers can create custom-made jewelry and order their designs. This makes the company a valuable partner for custom-made jewelry. Here are some advantages of buying from Planet Gold Ltd.


Finding a reputable diamond wholesaler is not easy, but Yadav is worth considering. The company offers a guarantee on all diamonds, so if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can always ask for a money-back guarantee or exchange for a different shape. Customers can also ask their trusted jeweler to inspect the diamond under magnification before purchasing, allowing them to see if it is as perfect as they hoped.

Au Enterprises, Inc.

Founded in 1987 by Linus Drogs, AU Enterprises, Inc. provides cutting-edge jewelry manufacturing services. Its expertise spans a wide range of materials, from eco-friendly recycled materials to conflict-free precious metals. The company is also capable of serving smaller businesses, including jewelry makers, with precision prototyping. Among its many clientele are multi-billion dollar jewelry retailers. Moreover, its expertise spans the realm of small-part manufacturers, with precision prototyping services for countless types of metals.

Lee’s Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Based in Providence, Rhode Island, the Lee’s Manufacturing Company, Inc. manufactures custom jewelry and deals exclusively with manufacturers, distributors, and volume users. The company specializes in pearl sets, Tiffany settings, clusters, and half bezels, among other designs. It also makes hoops, droops, and other jewelry accessories. In addition to custom jewelry, Lee’s also sells its own brands and offers a curated selection of merchandise.

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